Welcome to Historical Americana. As one of the nation’s foremost experts on vintage and antique American flags, for over 22 years I have collected and sold thousands of some of the most rare and sought after flags and select Civil War memorabilia in America.

My passion for flags has led me to travel throughout the United States and beyond, exhibiting in hundreds of the top antique events in the country, both acquiring and selling some of the most extraordinary displays of the American Stars and Stripes ever created.

Throughout my many years of experience I have lent my expertise to numerous museums across the country. I have consulted with The National Archives, PBS, and several film production companies for national TV shows, major motion pictures, private collectors, and both large and small auction houses, advising them on all aspects of authenticating, buying, selling and documenting antique flags.

Since 1990 Historical Americana has specialized in the sale of authentic, antique, rare American Flags which now proudly adorn the walls of many homes, offices, and prominent areas dedicated to showcase the rarest of flags for some of the world’s most serious collectors.

You may have complete confidence when you purchase your American Flag from Historical Americana that you are buying from one of the most knowledgeable, reputable dealers in the United States today. You will come to appreciate the quality and beauty an antique American Flag will bring to an area of your home or office stirring visions of it’s history, patriotism and strength. It will quickly become a treasured heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation.