Rare Antique 30 Star American Flag with “Halo” Star Arrangement #35415

antique 30 star american flag with halo star arrangement

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Rare Antique 30 Star American Flag with “Halo” Star Arrangement. Exceedingly rare antique American flag with 30 stars circa 1848. The flag has a very rare and highly desirable star arrangement called a medallion which is very rare by itself but the center star has a rare “halo” effect making this a rare “Halo” flag. The flag is made of a stiff pressed cotton. The flag is in very nice original as found condition. No major flaws.

The flag is 22.5″ x 14.5″ The Frame is 40″ wide and 30″ high

Museum framing with UV acrylic

Email to purchase; [email protected]  Historical Americana, selling antique flags since 1990.

Comes with our Certificate of Authenticity