48 Star Whipple Flag Pennant SKU 8789 / SOLD

Flag Size: 9.5″ x 24″ Frame Size: 23″wide 37″ high

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Very rare 48 Star Whipple Peace Flag Pennant. / SOLD

Made of cotton yard goods type fabric with stitched edges. One original staff tie is present. Stamped on the flag: DESIGN PAT NO 50419 It is difficult to clearly see the exact number it could be 503119. At this time in history, 1912 Flag makers could make the flag in any proportions and out of any material with any star arrangement they wanted. President Taft wanted to standardize the Flag and the result was a contest for the new 48 Star Flag. The expectation of a new flag drew considerable public interest and many groups held design contests for the upcoming forty-eight star flag. A notable design was from Wayne Whipple of Germantown, Pennsylvania. Whipples design, which he called the Peace Flag, featured a symbolic arrangement of the cantons stars. Thirteen stars, for the first thirteen states, were arranged in the middle of the canton in the shape of a six sided star; twenty five stars, representing the states that entered the union during the nations first century, circled that star; and ten stars, for the states that were admitted after 1876, were arranged in an outer circle. Whipple wanted his flag to be accepted as the official forty-eight star flag and the design attracted significant attention. President Taft even recommended Whipples design to the War and Navy Departments. However, a War Department panel decided on a more conventional design with the stars arranged in six horizontal rows of eight stars with one point of each star facing upward. President Taft followed the panels recommendation and, through two executive orders, standardized the configuration and proportions of the American flag. Circa 1912 Rarity Rating: [ 5 ] Rated on a scale of 1 to 10 10 being the most rare. This item rates a [ 5 ] For example, [ 1 ] Rated items are our lowest price items. [ 10 ] Rated items are rare and the highest price we offer. Please refer to item number. Please email for price and shipping cost. Sizes are listed below the item number. Each flag comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. We only sell authentic genuine antique American Flags. All framed flags have high quality professional museum, framing, wood frames, all acid free, w/UV acrylic protection. Please refer to item number when requesting Pricing. Thank you for your interest. Shipping to 48 States only. Shipping by FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery.

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