Civil War Confederate Sympathy Banner / SKU 9337 / Antique

Flag Size:22″ X 23″ Frame Size:33″ X 34″

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Civil War Confederate Sympathy Banner

Rare Confederate sympathy banner printed on cotton. The banner shows numerous Confederate symbols. It would have been used in the North and South. The 7 Star flag symbolizes the first 7 States to secede from the Union. The 9 Stars in the shield symbolizes the first 9 States to secede. The 15 stars around a shield symbolizes the dream of the South to have 15 States in Union with the Confederacy and that would force the United States to make a Treaty with the South. The Large red star surrounded by 6 other stars again depicts the first 7 States to leave the Union. This antique textile has all the bells and whistles. A great Confederate relic. Circa 1860-1890

All framed flags have high quality professional museum Framing, wood frames, all acid free, w/UV acrylic protection.