42 Star Flag ~ 1890 SKU 4698

Flag Size:4″x6″ Frame Size:14″x17″

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A great antique 42 Star Flag from 1890. Rare small size. Made of starched gauze fabric Originally attached to a stick. Dates to July 4th 1890 when five States were added at one time making the 42 Star instantly obsolete. Benjamin Harrison was President. Flag Size:4″x6″ Frame Size:14″x17″ Click on “RARE FLAG OFFERINGS” to see more flags. Rarity Rating: [ 4 ] Rated on a scale of 1 to 10 10 being the most rare. This item rates a [ 4 ] For example, [1] rated items are the most common & lowest price. [10] Rated items are rare and the highest price we offer. Please email for price and shipping cost. Sizes are listed below the item number. Please refer to item number. Each flag comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. We only sell authentic genuine antique American Flags. All framed flags have archival framing w/UV acrylic protection. Please refer to item number when requesting Pricing. Thank you for your interest. Shipping to 48 States only.