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40 Star Flag A Very Rare / SOLD

40 Star Flag Very Rare. CIRCA 1890,this 40-star American flag is very rare and celebrates the addition of North and South Dakota to the Union. In 1889-1890 the USA voted five States into the Union resulting in five States becoming official on July 4th 1890. America went from 38 Stars to 43 Stars in one pop and then Congress added the 44th State a few days later so the 39, 40, 41, 42 43 star flags were all obsolete…some flags in this group of five are rarer than others, the 43 is the rarest, then the 40 & 41.  Making this a really rare flag and a must for any flag collection as there are so few of them. The flag has some condition issues but its still very rare.

The 40 star American flag is exceedingly rare due to the fact that most people anticipated the 39th state to be the Dakotas. Instead America received two separate states of North Dakota and South Dakota. South Dakota, the 40th state, joined the Union on November 2, 1889. The jump to 40 stars required people to rapidly adjust to the two Dakotas. Before people could produce 40 star flags in response, Montana joined the Union 6 days later as the 41st state. Montana’s introduction made 40 star flags obsolete almost immediately. Therefore, very few 40 star flags exist today, as very few were produced.

We use modern museum framing technology to frame our antique flags. Our in house professional framers use only conservation framing methods used by museums. We only use acid free and gas free materials along with safe ultra clear UV acrylic. Every item is white glove shipped, quality shipping every time. Bring a piece of American history home with you and have the museum in your home.

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