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34 Star Antique American Flag

34 Star Antique American Flag, Authentic antique Civil War Flag. Abraham Lincoln was President when this flag was made & used. Made of starched gauze fabric. The star arrangement is a rare pattern called a “Medallion” It has a large star in each corner and a large up side down star in the middle. It has two wreaths of stars surrounding the center star. The red ink used to print this flag has started to turn a beautiful orange color. That takes over a hundred years for that process to happen. There is a hole in the flag top middle. The white has turned tan. The red has turned orange and the blue is still pretty strong but has faded somewhat.In a gold all wood frame with museum framing & UV acrylic. Comes with our Certificate of Authenticity. Historical Americana has been buying and selling antique American Flags since 1990.

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