32 Star Antique Flag from 1858 #10545

Extremely rare 32 star flag from 1858. The flag is hand sewn and the stars are arranged in a pattern called a medallion. The larger center star is the star signifying the new state that has just entered the “union”


32 Star Antique American Flag

Circa 1858


Extremely rare large antique 32 Star flag with a rare star arrangement called a “Medallion” where the stars are in a circle type pattern.


Entirely hand sewn. Stripes and canton made of spun wool.


Individual hand cut and hand stitched cotton stars.

Individual hand cut wool stripes meticulously hand sewn together.

The original staffs “ties” are still attached.


The flag is in overall good condition with good color for a flag that is over 161 years old.

The flag was used only one year until Oregon was added in 1859.

That is most likely the reason it is in nice condition as after one year of service it was packed away and saved.


This rare elaborate flag would have been made to celebrate Minnesota’s entry into the Union in 1858. Congress voted the territory in on May 11th 1858. And like all States they do not become an official state until the following July 4th in 1858.


The flag is quite spectacular and would certainly be a showpiece in any collection.


Circa 1858

James Buchanan was President at this time in American history.


Flag size is 63”x104” Partially folded to show the flag.

Frame size is 70”x82” (Outside dimension)

Archival framing, custom made all wood frame with UV acrylic.

With Certificate of Authenticity


Purchase from a long time flag collector.



Historical Americana




Asking price, $17,500.00