21 Star Flag Hand Sewn Silk SKU 11085

Flag Size:5.5″X7″ Frame Size:18″X20″

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Antique 21 Star Flag Hand Sewn Silk  A most incredible and delightful rare flag. Made of silk and sewn together by hand with the most incredible perfect stitching. Each delicate star is comprised of four small white American Indian trade beads. These beads are found on all Indian bead work that you have seen. It has a sleeve hoist. Overall the workmanship on this flag makes it a one of a kind and a real work of art. A prized piece for any collector. The 21st State was added in 1818, Illinois. Museum framing with UV acrylic    Please refer to item number when requesting info. Please email for price and shipping cost. Sizes are listed below the item number. Each flag comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Please view flag on a laptop or desktop PC for the best images. We only sell authentic genuine antique American Flags. All framed flags have high quality professional museum, framing, wood frames, all acid free, w/UV acrylic protection. Please refer to item number when requesting Pricing. Thank you for your interest. Shipping to 48 States only. Shipping by FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery. White glove shipping for large flags.

We use modern museum framing technology to frame our antique flags. Our in house professional framers use only conservation framing methods used by museums. We only use acid free and gas free materials along with safe ultra clear UV acrylic. Our flags are museum mounted using safe acid free hinges, which does not damage the flag in any way like sewing flags down does. The hinge mounting is completely reversible which is the prime focus to achieve in conservation framing.

Sewing a flag down as some framers and company’s do is very costly to the customer and can damage the flag.  Sewing flags down is an out of date, old process that can and usually does damage the flag over time.  In some cases sewing the flag down can cause irreparable damage and ruin your investment in the flag you purchased.

This is what happened to the Old Glory Flag in the Smithsonian.  The Smithsonian conservators spent millions of dollars to repair and reverse the damage to the flag caused by sewing the historical flag down.  Framers have used the sewing method in the past and some do now because they do not know any better and are stuck with a failed technology and the main reason is they make much more money from the customer by charging huge fees to sew a flag down. Time has proved sewing a flag down is damaging to the flag and very costly to the customer.  Our mounting process is safe, cost effective and preserves the antique flag for generations to come.